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Hello ~ ZaMpa speaking,

I'm here to inform you of recent changes, and other stuffs related to file hosting and download methods.

First, i already told you about my MediaFire pro account. This account is not really expensive (7$/month) for 100GB of downloads. Though since there are no donations to by additionnal bandwidth, downloads stop when the 100GB limit is reached.

Second, since this starts to be problematic, we had to have a "Anime Drift Staff Exceptionnal World Summit" to find solutions. So, we decided to use widly free file hosting, still on Mediafire (cuz there is no waiting time, no code and no limits).
Although, Mediafire free account limit file size to 200MB (it'd be too perfect for free service if it was like 1GB :p).

Meaning : a B-I-G amount of files/series will be uploaded or updated in splitted files, according to the 200MB size limit. Only some of the files will be splitted in 700MB on MFpro account... This can envolve depending of what will come later and leechers behaviour.
So, since files will be splitted, it'd means for you to download many many many parts to get a serie instead of single files. "damn it it's long >.<" is what you think.

=> Since i'm the almighty Anime Guru ZaMpa, i found a VERY NICE idea about it...
Series will be posted as usual with individual links or MediaFire shared folders AND an other link to a "*.dlc" file.
For those who don't know what is a DLC file (DownLoadable Content), it's just a list of links put in a single text file. you load this *.dlc file into Jdownloader (google it) and the software will get all the linked files itself without having to get to download page and get each file 1 by 1.
I wrote a tutorial [HERE].

As a result, in posts you'll get 2 download methods.
MediaFire shared folder with this icon :

and a DLC file with this icon :

Whatever the method, files ARE THE SAME.
Though, since "shit happens" if there is any problem with a dlc file (missing files) leave a comment in the corresponding post.

Any question : leave comment~

Enjoy my power :D


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Host-Anime | January 13, 2012 at 1:33 PM wants to help. You can use our website to host your favorite anime episodes.

ZaMpa | January 19, 2012 at 10:08 PM

hosting is not a problem actually, upload is the first problem now ^^

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