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Hello, it's ZaMpa (again)
Well, for the people who wonder about "what" or "how".. I'll explain here what Jdownloader is about and how it works.

2.1 Download & installation
2.2 Settings
3. Loading DLC files
4. Outputed files
5. Support

1. Principe

Jdownloader works like torrent (p2p) client, but with direct download files. Then it uses a *.dlc file wich is nothing more than a list of links to the files.
There can be multiple links for the same file (if a file is missing on a file hoster, you can get it from an other one) or a list of links for splitted files. This is the point to put it on A-D since we couldn't continue to pay Mediafire pro account.
So a *.dlc file is just a container for links.

2. Software

2.1 Download & installation

You can get Jdownloader from the official website [HERE]. Get the last version corresponding to your OS.
whatever the way you choose (online installer or offline) it'll downoad anyway the complete installer file.
Install it... i don't think i need to tell you how to install a software xD
when installation is done, it'll get updates by itself, and then  will finalize installation with language and OUTPUT FOLDER.
Choose a reception folder or create one, check available space on your har disk, depending of downloads this folder can get quite large.

After this, it'll check again updates and open the website with last changes.

2.2 Settings

It's a quick explanation, if you want specific details, or advanced settings, you can check the jdownloader help site [HERE].
You can change output folder in "Download & connection" section and set it to auto-create subfolders, limit speed...etc

AntiCpatcha... hehehe this stuff can auto-fill some captcha depending of file hoster. though, some use complicated captcha, then you can set a duration to jdownloader's popup wich will ask you to fill cpatcha manually.
In the "plug-in & addon" section, you can set file hosting account if you've got one. It'll be used to get faster dowwnloads or other advantages dpending of hoster.

3. Load DLC file

First, you need to download the *.dlc file (SAVE IT, DO NOT "OPEN WITH..."), then you can drag & drop it into the "linkgrabber" tab or get to the "linkgrabber" tab and press "add container" and browse to get the *.dlc file.

when Jdownloader opens the dlc file, it checks all links to see if they're still available, you can unfold the list of links by pressing the [+] before the name of the container.
"Package/filename" is the title of the file.
"size" is the size of the whole files for container and for the single file for individual link.
"host" is the file hoster where is the file (there can be multiple hosts for the same file).
"status" will tell you if file is available or dead.

When all links are checked, you can start download.
at the bottom, "Max. con." is the maximum number of download requests (open download page), "Max. Dls." is the maximum number of simultaneous downloads (some hoster doesn't allow it). "speed" is the download speed limiter ("0" for unlimitted).
Main buttons on the top works for the whol container, then even if you select some links and press [stop] it'll stop all.
If you want to stop some links, select them and then right click -> disable.

4. Outputed files

By default, the auto-extraction is enabled, then be carefull about the output folder's size, or disable auto extraction.

5. Support

If you have any question check the official help, or leave a comment under this post.

Have fun.


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ZaMpa | January 25, 2011 at 11:48 PM

Ultra fast version :

1. Get jdownloader
2. Install it
3. Download dlc files
4. download content of DLC files
5. extract if needed / watch.

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