~High Definition~ : registred only !!!

Posted By ZaMpa
Konichiwa minna-san, ZaMpa desu~

As you maybe already noticed, the "~High Definition~" section has been renamed into "Forum Registred Only", all series of this section will be available to download only if you have an account on "The Anime Empire Forum" (codegeass.us).

-> There are scripts, bots and other spam-download which download files from my MFpro account and ruin the bandwidth for like nothing. This way, only real humans can download these files after a free and short registration on this forum.
In addition, the reduced amount of downloads will allow us to put more files available, better quality of service (no interruptions) and every visitor who register is a potential donator to help us in the file's hosting.

Also, this only concern the download links. The anime's posts, infos are still there.

This has been decided after different staff meetings with Anime-Drift admins, and codegeass.us admins.

You can register on their forum HERE.
We've got our own forum's section "Anime Drift Downloads".

I hope you'll find good stuffs here, and there is still more and more coming soon.
See you~


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