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Ohaio, ZaMpa deeeeesuu~

You should've noticed that updates weredone by "packs". the last one ended about 10 days ago.
Now i'll tell you what will come soon !
Next week will be lovely, sweety, cute, kind, kawaii, kirei, sugoi... upload -.-

Here is what will be added right after :D

  • Hayate no Gotoku S1 [TV 720p] - SS-Eclipse
  • Clannad S1 [BD 1080p] - Doki + transcode + remux
  • Full Metal Panic S2 [BD 1080p] - KAA + cleaned + remux
  • Eve no Jikan OAVs [DVD 480p] - O-L
  • GTO [TV 400p] - G.T.O
  • I"s Pure [DVD 420p] - C1
  • Omamori Himari [DVD 480p] - Kira Fansub
  • Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi [TV 720p] - Mazui & Zero Raws
  • World Destruction [TV 720p] - Mayu
  • Akira [BD 400, 720, 1080p] - THORA + transcode + remux
  • Fate/Stay Night - Unlimited Blade works [BD 400,720,1080p] - Coalgirls + transcode + remux
  • Clannad ~Another World~ Tomoyo Chapter [BD 400,720,1080p] - Doki + transcode + remux

I guess it' somehow impressive compared to other websites xD

About the BD releases which are available for download only with registering to the Anime Empire Forum, i think about making lighter version like 853x480 and host it on iFile free account. I'll tell you if it'll be done.

Well... I guess you noticed from a while that our left panel was extended more and more and became not really easy to use. We're working on a new menu with dropping the "blogger" preset and other crap coded gadgets to put a unfolding hand made menu. since i'm not at all into web coding, know that it's not for tomorrow ^_^"

I hope you all enjoy our website and think how excellent, smart, amazing, hillareous, funny... is the donation's idea ;D


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