Anime on iphone, ipod, psp etc...

Posted By Kradie
Are soon to come, so please do have a little patience my ungrateful ones. Since I'll be the one to do all the converting of every anime series that I have. For your little greedy ass that is ^^
As I'm writing this announcement, I am converting Eureka Seven for iphone. ZaMpa will be posting it a long with his blu-ray release from his sexlicious blu-ray collection of this anime, Eureka Seven. :D

But this is not all, you may request any anime of your choice to be encoded for your handheld device, by requesting in this very thread HERE, or go to the Request Page. But you must register on the forum anyway, since we won't reply to your pitiful request if you leave comment in this announcement or other section of the blog, BWUAHAHAHAHHAA.

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