Piracy Hunting has begun !!

Posted By ZaMpa
Dear Leechers & Members,

Maybe you already know about it, or not. Whatever, i'm here today to announce a terrible news.
The Internet we know is about to change, litle by little, but will be definitively different.

"What the hell ?!"
According to Sankaku Complex news, the world wide known of manga scans website "One Manga" will be closed down soon. I checked myself (internet's infos have to be checked ^^) [here] and it's true. Moreover, the other scan website "1000 Manga" is in the same way.

1 month ago (27-07-2010) Sankaku Complex posted a news about a new organization [here], wich would be called "Coalition of Japanese and US Manga Publishers". It seems that what happened to One Manga is the first real "move" of this big machine.

"What about this website ?"
This tragedy is , despite the actual loss of such a big website, more a warning & threat to the whole community. It targets all manga/animes related piracy, then i guess Fansub groups wich keep licencied products on their website and all ppl sharing it. The small websites as us don't have a lot to fear, but have to keep "hidden".

However, it can be a dual sharp sword (i tried to translate a french expression xD) for this "hunt". Now, there is tons of websites like us, tons of fansub groups, with "open" website and all. If they feel like being threaten, they'll turn their file hosting into P2P file's sharing, a lot more hard to hunt than free access websites.
Then it'll increase the part of transfert totally out of any control (with P2P clients using encryption).

We'll see how it'll go and what happend next...
I though it was important enough to warn everybody. Know that our files are not hosted with the website, but on file hoster's servers. Moreover, it concerns first the manga scanlation and not yet Animes. But as we all know, when these ppl are done with something, they look around to find an other thing to fk up :D


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