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Posted By ZaMpa
Ohaio gosaimashita minna,

I guess it's time to explain why downloads stopped to work from some days... Nobody asked anything since i think they just "come - take - run", however it's the duty of staff to announce all website's related events.

As you can see while trying to download on of my files (MediaFire), you get this error message : wich is just an awful lie, it's a MediaFire's server bug.

My account's bandwidth renewall is done every 23th of each month with +100GB, moreover, the 21-07-2010 i added an extra +250GB (19$) paid via Paypal (as usual) since the bandwidth limit had been reached. The day after, these 250GB disappeared like if i didn't done anything, then i submitted a support titcket considering this matter. Today, it was supposed to be +100GB in the bandwidth... Though there is an ugly -2.45GB. -> 350GB scam ?

Then, i cannot do anything about the DDL issues, it's up to MediaFire staff to fix it.
The website itself got some errors with the statistics page wich doesn't load.

I'm terribly sorry guys/girls, but we'll all have to bear it untill it's fixed.

The monthly bandwidth has been updated +100GB. I'm still waiting for my purchased 250GB...

(co-admin, uploader, forum moderator)

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