Temporarily Shut Down!

Posted By Red Dragon
Hello guys and girls and whatever else ....

Sadly its true, I'm shutting anime-drift down ...TEMPORARILY!!! we are having quite a few problems with the site and the main one would be animes getting deleted from file hosting sites. Recently our upload guru and spender of money has had his MF account blocked, a account that he spent over $500 on to keep sharing animes for you guys. He never complained .. even when he got no donations to help (except for 1 I believe). so zampa has now quit on uploading and with his files gone, my files gone .. not a lot of files are left on the site.

  The plans for the FuTuRe! 

#1) Update the media lists and DELETE all dead posts.
#2) Consider different Filehosts
#3) Make some changes to the site
#4) recruit members to upload media
#5) get rid of *soundtracks and possibly *movies/ova as we dont have uploaders for them.
#6) Some misc changes here and there....

 So, with all this said... there is no timelimit in which i shall do this. It might be a week or it might be 3 months... I'm currently quite buzy with real life and tbh dont have any time to spend on a pc.... I'll do what I can.. Who knows, maybe zampa will return after the changes? :) You will know when we are back! as the site will be much more updated LOL  So with that said, feel free to leave a message on the chatbox to chat as I try and atleast read the chatbox daily.

 Admin & creator of   Anime - Drift

Red Dragon

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