Infos : for leechers - infos for copyright hypocrits

Posted By ZaMpa

today i speak to the both sides,; leechers and us, and thos people hunting around to keep making money over series they make or produce...etc

First i'll inform the leechers with are more xorthy of my concern :)

One Piece have been removed after a complain
Black Lagoon S1 : 2part1, 10part2 (see how it's stupid, 2 parts of 2 episodes... lol)
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann : 21part2
Dog Days : 12part1
Hakuoiki - Shinsengumi Kitan : 7part1, 8part1
Black Cat : about all files

 About this, we'll upload them again, just to piss the fkin shit off the mongrels who asked to remove them.

Now, i'll speak to the smart ass people who lurks around and complain that we share things that are their "property" :
 1 - I understand that it's bad and hurt your pocket and also the ppl who makes the products.
2 - I doubt the poor guys who actually make them earn what they're supposed to earn...
3 - To kill the real market, maybe the products would be available in our countries to begin with... there is kind of nothing here, so to get it, we use "other ways" as our place fight for.
4 - I think Anonymous already sent a warning notice to you greedy asses :)
5 - If your "products" were available here and cheap, i'm sure you'd make more money selling them, and spend less money hunting us... though it requiers a brain.

All files got backups
Close that place, we'll open a new one
Blogger is not responsible of anything

We are anime-fans
We are legion
We do not forgive
We do not forget
Expect us...


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