Pirates Avatars

Posted By ZaMpa
After years ... i found back some old avatars from a french private tracker (still running xD)

All the pics below are, sadly, in french, but i'll make sure to translate it as it is.
That was when law's projects just started to spark in politic's minds.
Enjoy :p

That man downloads MP3s without paying them !
Honest artists eat noodles because of him !
That man burns music compilations !
That man has written a download tutorial !
That man has a website !
That man copies CDs to listen to them in his car !
This guy whistles music without paying it !
This man uses open source softwares !
Than man photocopies books !
That man bruns DVDs !
This guy watch fansub series using VLC !
That man doesn't use Windows Media Player !
This professional pirate is dead of laugh !
The work of taht man is outlaw !
This man uses open source codecs !
That man has ADSL !
That guy is a dangerous pirate !
Vivendi-Universal has patent his DNA !
This man has uninstalled the SONY's rootkit !

That man has written an illegal software !

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Anonymous | June 14, 2012 at 7:05 PM

This is full of win. XD

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