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Posted By Red Dragon
Hello Folks/leechers

As most of you dont know me, ill explain who I am

I am ... THA MOTHAFU***** CREATOR!!!!!!

Red Dragon aka Anime - Drift aka Red aka oyabun (boss!)

LoL, all joking aside. as most of you know, I've been busy and have not uploaded anything for a year. When i did start uploading I didn't have time to actually make the post for it .... and then megaupload got screwed by the feds.

Now, the main point of this post is, I cant upload to our main filehost Mediafire. I've attempted to upload a anime serie with no luck. I get upload failures. I've gone through the settings with zampa and had no luck.

Now, I want you to reply to this post with a file sharing website that you recommend. after 5 days i will make a poll with a few filesharing websites in it and we will decide what I will use to upload media to.

when recommending please post

*file sharing name/site url
*Why you think this would be a good host
*Any other information that you think might help us choose.

now, I want to start uploading again but mediafire is a no go. after approximately 5 days I will make a new post with a poll so we can vote. After the poll we will decide whether to use the file sharing website or not.

Thanks guys,

Red - Out

staff members, please hold your updates for 5 days so we can keep this thread at the top of the page.

Recommended so far:
*JumboFiles (2x)
*DDLAnime (2x)

*Mediafire (-_-')

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Walao | April 19, 2012 at 12:07 PM

Recommendations are based on my personal experiences, so I can't vouch for others. Here I go...

Jumbofiles -
No captcha, resumable downloads, parallel connections (sometimes not, don't know why). Except for the occasional hiccup (the annoying "no permission to write to hard disk" error which a reset solves but limits connection to 1) when downloading with JDownloader, I get pretty good speeds.

DDLAnime -
Everything above and excellent speed, just like Mediafire. But it seems to delete inactive files after 30 days. Nasty. Not too sure about the details.

Filerio -
Not too familiar with this one. I've only used it a few times but I get pretty good speeds. Resumable downloads and 2 concurrent connections max.

Filefactory - Good speed but captcha and no resumable downloads. Don't know why I put it here but some seems to like this kind of thing cough*animesharing*cough

Jill | April 20, 2012 at 1:12 PM

After MF, Jumbofiles is the best option...NO LIMITS except total storage space- 500GB; file deletion after 180 days of inactivity - NO LIMITS but there is option for registering an account...File is deleted after 720 days of inactivity - no file deletion for registered accounts but the storage space is very less (10GB to 50GB for registered users)

there is FileFactory And DDLAnime as well but no Instant downloads and there is a captcha for every download
there are other sites like bayfiles that are not recommended....

I dont know the reason but just try to get mediafire working for you...It is the Best these days!

Walao | April 20, 2012 at 9:10 PM

BrutalUpload has no limits, as in everything Mediafire and Jumbofiles have? Strange that I've never seen people using it. What a loss.

There's no captcha for DDLAnime, based on my experience. I heard it's been giving problems to others though.

Jill | April 23, 2012 at 3:56 PM

I meant that there is no option for registering accounts in whatever u upload, will be common for everyone...they will send a delete link to e-mail address.....other than that we don't have any right over the file

Anonymous | April 24, 2012 at 2:26 PM

;d i would prefer MF, DDLanime or uploaded aye ;d atleast thats wht i normally get fast speed dl speed from xD

Kradie | April 25, 2012 at 5:14 PM

This is all about Red. The rest of the A-D Staff which is me and ZaMpa will continue on to use Mediafire.

Red Dragon is just simply lazy, and is not bothered to troubleshoot the errors he received while he was trying MediaFire Express.

I am actually Anime Drift, I provide the most here. And if he thinks I will use another service just because he can't use Mediafire for petty reason, than you can think again.

Lord Kradie is already mass downloading from ZaMpa's pro MF account. Then he will be splitting the files and reupload the files on MF free.

There is no need for poll too, Red Dragon just got to decide what he wants to use on his own.

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