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Hello outside ¤_¤, it's ZaMpa (again and again, and again with a... post),

I just wanted to keep you guys/girls up to date about what happend around, since we don't post much rec ently.

Since a while i'm working on special releases for HighSchool Of The Dead, then i'll describe a little what you'll get once it's done :
- Bluray encodes from THORA rips 1080p to the usual x264 720p @~2300kbps and HE-AAC (no LC) Stereo @~260kbps.
- Subtitles (this is the funny part), since i got good releases from Kira, i'll put them by default and i'll add gg subtitles as alternative. Kira's subs got a nice karaoke for the Opening, then i'll include it into gg ones. Btw, Kira releases are complet files while THORA made external-linked OP wich explain why it takes some time to edit all this !
(i did a windows reinstall too, updates were endless with my connection xD)

So this is about H.O.T.D (BD720) delay.


The second part here is a support request wich has totally NOTHING to do with animes...

On my server, i use a main HDD (S:) and other disks (5 x 2TB) are mounted into folders :
S:\Animes Completes A-M
S:\Animes Completes N-Z
S:\Current Animes
S:\Encodes & Artworks
S:\ISOs & Installers

The main disk "S:" is shared as "Storage" in LAN, then i go to \\THEMATRIX\Storage to access it (don't laugh at my server's name please...). So... Often, when i go into a folder wich is a mounted partition for example "Current animes", then go back into Storage, this folder disappeared from the list...
It can happend with multiple folders if i go into others and go back to "Storage" and sudently appear again later... It's random, but often, only with mounted partitions.


The 2 machines are running Win7 Ultimate x64, all shared folders got total control authorization for all users...etc

Then i wanted to know if anyone got some idea to fix this bug... Thank you xD

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