Christmas Gift 2011

Posted By ZaMpa
Hello world~

!! All Anime-Drift staff wish you a merry Xmas !!

One more year full of changes, new series, new members (without counting hosting joy).
So, as a result of the previous poll, we decided to make calendars for 2012, like last year [here]., you can find our releases below and get them if you want.

I'm not sure if we should thenk you or if it's you who should thank us for our work, but anyway, thenk you for visiting our place and we hope you enjoy it each time !
So with trying to not ruin the mood (whut ? already powned ? o_o) but as usual, we'll look for a next year with nice event, maybe new staff membersn upload and... donations, of course.

This said... let's see who made what about calendars :o

- [ZaMpa] 2012 Calendar, based on Sawasawa artworks [PNG] or [JPEG] versions available.
- [Kapil] 2012 Calendar [JPEG]

Once again, Merry Xmas and enjoy your stay on Anime-Drift !

Red Dragon, ZaMpa, Shadowboy17, TheAmputator Jill, Kapil... and the others working in the darkness.

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