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Posted By Red Dragon
Hello Guys & Girls,

It's tha Main Man, Anime - Drift aka Red Dragon aka Red,

I recently found out that blogger has mobile template blogging? for mobiles, Meaning, If you visit the site a lot on your mobile it will load a shitload faster then before as its mobile optimized, I personally dont really use the mobile to visit the website but im sure a lot of you do.

All I did was click a button, I have no idea what this looks like.... kinda....
Can you guys check it out and either reply back and/or post a message in the chatbox
We want to know whether you prefer this Mobile Template on your phone or the regular website.

Let me know quickly, If I dont get any feedback I will assume it's fine and leave it like this.

Peace out.



We're always looking for more staff to do things like coding related items, but mostly uploaders... our staff is very buzy lately hence the slow-ish updates, I am quite buzy so i just dont get the time...

Any uploaders are welcome, We will take anyone on but We'd prefer if we could get someone to work on the weekly ongoing shows.


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Shadowboy17 | July 27, 2011 at 7:45 PM

Xd you may have ust found out now ..but I enabled it..its wayyyy less intensive than the desktop ver XD. They only problem could be the posts..but count one vote from me for the M. Templates XD.

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