Fist of the North Star (1986 Movie Re-Mastered Ver)

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  • Titles: Hokuto no Ken
  • Genre:  Seinen
  • Years of Release: 1986
  • Audio Format: Dubbed (English)
  • Format: AVI
File Information
  • Video: 720 X 478 AVC @ 25fps
  • Audio: MP3 320Khz

After a global-scale nuclear war, the majority of earth's surface has become a wasteland, with most of the world's survivors fighting over the few uncontaminated food and water supplies. Kenshiro, the master of the deadly martial art Hokuto Shinken, is traveling with his fiancee Yuria(Julia in English version) when they're confronted by Ken's former friend Shin of the Nanto Seiken. After defeating Ken in combat, Shin engraves seven stab wounds on Ken's chest and leaves him for dead, taking Yuria with him. Ken's eldest brother Raoh, having witnessed the fight without intervening, returns to his dojo and challenges his Master Ryuken's decision to choose Ken as his successor over him. Raoh kills Ryuken and proclaims he will become the ruler of the new world.

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