White Album S1+S2 (BD720)

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This post will replace the [R] version. files are the sames, just splitted. I didn't feel like transcoding 720p to 720p for 300kbps difference... I could have transcoded audio though, 640kbps for stereo... xD

ElManouche again for upload :p

Details :
- title : White Album
- other titles : W.A. / ホワイトアルバム
- Genre : Drama, Music, Romance, Harem
- Year : 2009
- Format : 2x13 episodes (~24min.)

Synopsis :
Adapted from the Leaf eroge.
The White Album game centers around Tōya Fujī, a college student dating a rising idol singer named Yuki Morikawa. The game deals with the challenges to the couple’s relationship from the other people at Fujī’s college, Morikawa’s work, and elsewhere.
Source : MyAnimeList

File's Infos :
- Container : Matroska
- Video : 1280x720 x264 @~2500kbps
- Audio : FLAC Stereo @~640kbps (japanese)
- Subs : Coalgirls ASSA (english)

Download :


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