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  • Titles: Nichijou, Everyday Life
  • Genre: Shonen, Action
  • Years of Release: 2011
  • Subbed By: Horriblesubs
  • Format: MKV
File Information 480p
  • Video: 848 X 480 AVC @ 23.81fps
  • Audio: Dolby AC3 48Khz Stereo
  • Subs: (ASSA) Advanced SubStation Alpha
File Information 720p
  • Video: 1280 X 720 AVC @ 23.81fps
  • Audio: Dolby AC3 48Khz
  • Subs: (ASSA) Advanced SubStation Alpha

The series follows the lives of a group of high school students and their school. Various oddities and absurdities abound, such as a robotic girl made by an eight-year-old scientist, a boy who rides a goat to school with his butler, a girl who can procure various guns out of thin air, a cat that can speak and a principal who has wrestled a deer. Despite its bizarre settings and characters, the students still lead normal lives.

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Episode Download 480p Download 720p
17 - Nichijou no Dai-Jū-Yon-wa DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD NOT READY
16 - Nichijou no Dai-Jū-Yon-wa DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD
15 - Nichijou no Dai-Jū-Yon-wa DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD
14 - Nichijou no Dai-Jū-Yon-wa DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD
13 - Nichijou no Dai-Jū-San-wa DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD
12 - Nichijou no Dai-Jū-Ni-wa DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD
11 - Nichijou no Dai-Jū-Ichi-wa DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD
10 - Nichijou no Dai-Jū-wa DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD
009 - Nichijou no Dai-Kyuu-wa DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD
008 - Nichijou no Dai-Hachi-wa DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD
007 - Nichijou no Dai-Roku-wa DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD
006 - Nichijou no Dai-Nana-wa DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD
005 - Nichijou no Dai-Go-wa DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD
004 - Nichijou no Dai-Yon-wa DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD
003 - Nichijou no Dai-San-wa DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD
002 - Nichijou no Dai-Ni-wa DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD
001 - Nichijou no Dai-Ichi-wa DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD

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