Kemeko DX (BD720)

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Details :
- title : Kemeko DX
- other titles : The Unknown Girlfriend / Kemeko Deluxe! / ケメコデラックス!
- Genre : Comedy, Romance, Sci-Fi
- Year : 2008
- Format : 12 episodes (~24min.)

Synopsis :
The story centers on a typical high school boy and a super-deformed, doll-like robot that suddenly appears in his bedroom. The robot declares itself to be the boy's wife, and only then does a beautiful girl emerge out of the robot's mouth. The girl turns out to be someone who was promised the boy's hand in marriage ten years earlier.
Source : MyAnimeList

File's Infos :
- Container : Matroska
- Video : 1280x720 x264 @~2000kbps
- Audio : AC-3 Stereo @~320kbps
- Subs : "THORA" ASSA (english)

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