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ElManouche's upload :p

Details :
- title : DNA² OAV
- other titles : Dokokade Nakushita Aitsuno Aitsu / D・N・A2~何処かで失くしたあいつのアイツ~
- Genre : Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi
- Year : 1995
- Format : 3 OAV (~23min.)

Synopsis :
Junta's great granddaughter goes back in time in order to make Junta stay as the Mega-Playboy so she can continue to exist. Along with her comes an old man with the intention of making Junta stay as the Mega-Playboy forever for his own purposes.When Junta starts getting attacked, he has no choice but to return to being the Mega-Playboy in order to protect his loved ones.
Source : MyAnimeList

File's Infos :
- Container : Matroska (MKV)
- Video : 640x480 DivX 5 @1070~kbps
- Audio 1 : Stereo Vorbis @112kbps (english)
- Audio 2 : Stereo Vorbis @104kbps (japanese)
- Subs : "Anime4Ever" VobSub (english)


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