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  • Titles: Beezlebub
  • Genre:  Shonen
  • Years of Release: 2011
  • Subbed By: Horriblesubs
  • Format: MKV
File Information 480p
  • Video: 848 X 480 AVC @ 23.81fps
  • Audio: Dolby AC3 48Khz Stereo
  • Subs: (ASSA) Advanced SubStation Alpha
File Information 720p
  • Video: 1280 X 720 AVC @ 23.81fps
  • Audio: Dolby AC3 48Khz
  • Subs: (ASSA) Advanced SubStation Alpha

The story follows the "strongest juvenile delinquent", Oga Tatsumi, who is a first year in "Ishiyama High" the school for delinquents. The story starts as he is telling the story of how he found the baby to his best (and only?) friend Furuichi Takayuki. One day while doing laundry by the river (actually, taking revenge on people trying to kill him in his sleep), he sees a man floating down it. He pulls him to shore and it splits in half which reveals a baby boy inside. This boy is the son of the great demon king and he has been chosen as the one to raise it with the baby's maid Hilda. The story follows his life with the child and at the delinquent school. The early chapters of the manga follow Oga as he attempts to 'pass on' Baby Beel to other students at Ishiyama, (The theory is that if Oga can find someone more evil and stronger than him, Baby Beel will attach to that person instead of Oga).

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Episode Download 480p Download 720p
027 - Called the Magical Girl DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD
026 - May I Call You Brother DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD
025 - New Semester Started DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD/a>
024 - Welcome Back, Demon World! DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD
023 - You Kidding Me? The Demon World. DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD
022 - Secluded Mountain Training DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD NOT READY
021 - Who Do You Think Is Ishiyama's Strongest? DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD
020 - Everyone Assemble DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD
019 - The Doctor has Arrived DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD
018 - I Quit being the Badass Brawler DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD
017 - How about some Demon World Homework? DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD
016 - You're Not a Bad Specimen of a Man DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD
015 - The Delinquents have changed into Swimsuits DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD
014 - Is there a Special Move? DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD
013 - Baby Be'els Assessment Test and Hilda: Dear Great Demon Lord DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD
012 - I Won't Let You Sleep Tonight DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD
011 - There was Something Money Could not Buy DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD
010 - A Disciple was Gained DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD
009 - Love is a Hurricane DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD
007 - The Demon Lord makes his Park Debut DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD
006 - Toys Have Arrived from the Demon World/We Played Doctor DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD
005 - Money can buy anything DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD
004 - There Is One Second Before the Demon Lord's Floods Burst Forth DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD
003 - Are There Any Strong, Ruthless Bastards Around? DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD
002 - I Became a Gang Leader with a Child DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD
001 - I Picked Up the Demon King DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD

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