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Hello girls/guys, it's ZaMpa,

Since i already spam enough the chatbox, i'll put the next update list here.
I'm not yet done with files, but subs modifications are done, only remux of transcoded files + subs + new chapter files left. (and test :p)

So, here is what will be uploaded starting next week :

Bakemonogatari - (BD720)
Black Cat - (DVD480)
Black Lagoon S1 - (BD720)
Black Lagoon S2 - (BD720)
Canaan - (BD720)
Chobits - (DVD480)
Chrno Crusade - (DVD480)
DNA² - (DVD480)
Doomed Megalopolis  -  (DVD480)
Eureka Seven - (BD720)
Initial D st1/st2/st3/st4/battle/special - (DVD480+352)
Kekkaishi - (TV400)
Kemeko DX - (BD720)
Kiddy Grade - (DVD480)
Kiss X Sis - (BD720)
Mitsudomoe S1  -  (BD720)
Nausicaa - (BD720+1080) => 400p maybe later, i lost the last part :D
RideBack - (BD720)
White Album S1 - (BD720)
White Album S2 - (BD720)
Xam'd Lost Memories - (BD720)

i know some of them are already here, but in 1080p, and then on MediaPro account. The goal of making BD720 versions is to put them on just 2 parts (or 3, 4 for few ones) in the MediaFire free account.
First because the Pro account is assaulted and monthly bandwidth ruined in 6 days, and second, there are no donations, then i cannot buy more bandwidth every month.

We do not use other hosters, even if they allow bigger files, because their file managers are shits. when there is over 4000 or even 5000 files on one account, if you cannot arrange in folders/subfolders clearly, it's just impossible to keep track of them.


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