Sweet message to spam-bot developpers

Posted By ZaMpa
Hello sweeties,

I'm here today to tell you something NEW !

Just stop to make these FUCKING DAMN SHITS already !!! Just got to the "comments" area to check comments and then reply if needed... and... WTF like 15 new comments made by retard bots from some (as usual) retard useless crap website no one ever visited or wants to.

I also noticed that to fool ppl it uses keywords about the blog's theme and even check post's content to write something suitable... It's scary and totally piss me off.

Just put your scripts in your big butt and just dare to come back here, i'll also take care of your website, don't worry, let's share the stupidity :D

See you bot makers and NEVER COME BACK HERE A**H***S !! è_é


P.S. : bots are just disease wich has to be erased. BTW, all these fucking comments will be removed everytime. <3

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