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Gundam Seed

Details :
- title : Gundam Seed
- other titles : Mobile Suit Gundam SEED / 機動戦士ガンダムSEED (シード)/ Kidō Senshi Gandamu Shīdo
- Genre : action, drama, horror, psychological, science fiction
- Year : 2002
- Format : 50 episodes(~23min.)

Mankind is divided, partially over the issue of genetic engineering administered to human test subjects. Normal humans are now known as "Naturals" and the genetically altered humans are known as "Coordinators". The series is the first of the Gundam franchise set in the Cosmic Era. This series begins with the Bloody Valentine War between the Naturals, who reside on Earth, and the Coordinators who reside in the space colonies. The Naturals’ army is called the Earth Alliance, while the military force of the Coordinators is called ZAFT.
The plot follows Kira Yamato's involvement in the war between Naturals and Coordinators; humans who are genetically modified before birth to possess enhanced traits.
Source : Wikipedia

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- Container : AVI
- Video : 640x480 XviD @ 736kbps
- Audio : MP3 Stereo @ 96kbps (English)
- Subs : English

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