Ninja moves

Posted By ZaMpa
Hello, it's ZaMpa,

I'm trying to find some solutions about file hosting, since MFpro account is a black hole for my wallet.
Then here is the keikaku1 :
# 0 - 200MB files => MFfree (simple redirection, no limits, no wait, no code)
# 200 - 300MB files => iFile free (simple redirection, no limits, no wait, no code)
# >300MB files => MFpro (instant DL, but limited monthly bandwidth)

Then i'm keeping all files on MFpro account as a backup + active hosting and i'll transfer files according to their size to the other accounts and then "spread" the Downloads charge between these 3 places.
Notice that i made the pain to find awesome hosting solutions FOR YOU. I could have just put file on MegaUplaod, or RapidShare...etc but... I'm not that gay, i chose it in oreder to make it the faster and easier to get stuffs.
No ads, no waiting time, no captcha (image code) and also important, no downloads limits or speed limits.
(only MFpro account got a monthly bandwidth limit, that's why i'm working so hard to find alternatives.)

I hope you guys, at least, read it and try to understand my moves.
Bluray releases are damn bandwidth eater, but it's our excusivity and our main weapon to fight with other websites !!xD
I'd like to keep it up, wich is possible with donations :p
(even 0.5 or 1$ is fine, as long as many ppl give it)

Well, have a nice day, good downloads !!

keikaku1 : means "plan"

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