MediaFire - stop AGAIN

Posted By ZaMpa

Don't spam comments about MediaFire, my monthly bandwidth has been reached in 5 days due to massive downloads.
I don't have job and then money to buy additional bandwidth every month (i already bought more credits numerous times...) and better MediaFire accounts are obviously expensive.
Then there is a deal... We're thinking with all staff members about the different ways to solve this issue.

1. Donation button to buy additionnal bandwidth or upgrade the whole MF account.

2. Only first downloaders served, and when limit is reached, all stop.

3. Free account but then all files bigger than 200MB will be splitted in 190MB parts... enjoy winrar and file's number to download (and upload :p).

Think that getting BluRay and all the other releases with direct download is really rare. We're doing our best to update regulary, improve content and quality, no advertissments and this without any external support.
Please understand that we are just normal ppl, and file hosting is not free. This is not to make money, but at least to help to pay for big fast instant downloads.
I already paid exactly 107.91$ for 5 month. Since downloads are increasing fast, i will no longer be able to pay additional credits.
If everyone could donate just 1$ every month, it'd be awesome !

We'll discuss of this matter with staff members and keep you "aware" :]

Thank you,

Well i didn't want you to find "File not available or insufficient credits on MediaFire account" during 3 weeks... then i bought 250GB of additional bandwidth (19$)... Next time i'll wait some days :D


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