Elfen Lied OVA

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Title: Elfen Lied – In the Passing Rain
- other titles :Regenschauer (lit. Rainstorm) ~ In the rain, or, how can a girl have reached such feelings?
- Genre : Horror, Graphic, Seinen
- Year : 2005

Synopsis :
Nana is still settling in at Kohta's home. After nearly killing Mayu when her arm flies off while trying to chop lettuce, Nana is given the task of helping Nyū clean the house. However, Nana treats it as a competition between her and Nyū, and repeatedly hurts herself and damages the building as a result. After getting in an argument with Kohta about her role in the house, she runs away and ends up at the beach, where she meets Bando again. He figures out that Nana knows where Lucy is and coerces her into agreeing to bring Lucy back to the beach that night. Later, Nana manages to get Nyū out of the house by saying she wants them to take a walk together to apologize for her earlier behavior, and she gets back to the beach where she starts having second thoughts. It starts raining, and Nyū slips in a puddle of water and hits her head, knocking her out. While Nana gets Nyū sheltered from the rain and tries to reawaken her, Nyū, now Lucy again, has a flashback of a time five years after her first encounter with Kohta (three years before the present day).

Source : Wikipedia

File Information :
- Container : Matroska (MKV)
- Video : 702x384 @ 777kbps
- Audio : MPEG-3 Stereo @~128kbps (Japanese)
- Subs 1 : AnimeYuki (english)


Mirror 1 (mediafire)

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ZaMpa | August 28, 2010 at 10:50 PM

Thank you :D

Like all ppl who liked Elfen Lied, i still hope for more >.<

Shadowboy17 | August 30, 2010 at 11:51 AM

XD its a shame they ended the anime before the manga...I also wish for more..

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