Are YOU Happy of What We Provide For YOU?

Posted By Kradie
It seems to me that Anime Drift gets a lot of Invisible Insolent visitors, that seems to feed on the media that we provide for your greedy ass. Are you happy? You just come and go and take whatever pleases you without leaving a THANKS.

Is this YOUR thanks to us? We put time & effort when it comes to uploading the data that we have acquired for your greedy soul. Even some of us namely ZaMpa has opened his poor pocket In order to purchase first class service for your free entertainment that we have been providing so far.

.We don't ask for your money. But without friendly donation or a sign of life that you are out there on our site, there will be consequences. Let me list them up for you :)
- Waiting a minute to download.
- Enjoying lots of lots of advertisement.
- Inputting confirmation code.
- Wait a hour or a day for next download.
- Splitted files! Download many zip archives in order to get the real thing!

Do you want this!? Nuhuh I guess NOT!
Indeed we are only 3 staff members, and all us upload as well. We cannot afford continuously to purchase more bandwith. Sometime It gotta stop.

But the point is, which pisses us off the most. You aren't real MR VISITOR. And you never give a thanks.

Think about this what I've said.

Sincerely - The Anime-Drift Staff

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