Shin Angyo Onshi

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This movie is a part of those you'd like to see in anime serie, since the movie's length is so ridiculously short :@
Notice that the manhwa serie is really good and a way longer and complete (buy it!!)
It's my personnal mind though ^^, but i think it's really, really tottemo subarashiiiii~~ (sugoii, subarashii) !!
Let's read, donwload, thx and watch this gift from asia xD

(i though the manga's cover -french- would be better than the DVD's one xD)

Titles : Shin Angyou Onshi, Shin Amen Osa, Blade of the Phantom Mask, Blade of the Phantom Master, Master--Dark Hero From Ruined Empire
Genre : Action, Drama, Fantasy
Year : 2004
Format : 1 movie ~1h25

Synopsis :
After wandering through the desert for days, a bitter warrior named Munsu is lost and unable to continue. His life is unexpectedly saved by Mon-ryon, a young man who dreams of becoming a secret agent for Jushin, a once-great country that was recently destroyed. Mon-ryon's goal is to save his girlfriend, Chunhyang, a born fighter who is held captive by the evil Lord Byonand. Then, from out of nowhere, blood begins trickling from his chest. He has been fatally wounded by the Sarinjas, a cannibalistic breed of desert goblin. The quick-thinking Munsu convinces these beasts to spare his life, in exchange for the peaceful handover of Mon-ryon's appetizing corpse. Although skeptical of Mon-ryon's motives, Munsu sets out to continue the mission that the young idealist described. Accompanied by an army of ghost troops, unleashed using the powers of Angyo Onshi, Munsu liberates Chunhyang. After visiting her boyfriend's final resting place, she declares herself Munsu's bodyguard and, together, they set out on a mission to punish those who stripped Jushin of its original glory.
Source : MyAnimeList

RAWs :
[AniManga] 720x480 x264 / AC3 5.1 jap
[ZaMpa] 720x480 x264 / AC3 5.1 jap / ASSA french
[RaX] 720x480 x264 (lower quality) / AAC 2.0 eng + AAC 2.0 jap / ASSA english

Download :

[ZaMpa] Shin Angyo Onshi [720x480_x264_AC3-5.1].mkv
Video : 720x480 x264 Main@5.1 @24fps (~1606kbps)
Audio : AC3 5.1 (6 channels) 48.000hz (~448kbps)
Subs : ASSA english [RaX] & french [ZaMpa]

Chun Hyang is so.. hmm... not "kawaii" (cute), but... there is a stronger word i don't remember... "soudaï"(pretty) or "batsukin" (wonderfull, lovely...etc) would do it though :]

Well, beautyfull, strong and sweet girl... I don't need anything else xD If you don't like her, i'll poke you to death with spoon's blows !!! muahahahahahaha...

P.S. : Be aware, "ZaMpa" actually comes from "Zanpakutoh" è.é


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Anonymous | August 10, 2010 at 1:44 AM

this files are corrupt when i tried to extract. but just in case i will try download it again

ZaMpa | August 14, 2010 at 3:02 PM

i'll have a look, thank you

ZaMpa | August 14, 2010 at 7:08 PM

I downloaded the 2 parts, extract, play... It works.
Maybe you've got an error during download :(

Lord Cain | September 26, 2010 at 1:23 AM

ZaMpa the part two link seems to be broken..

ZaMpa | November 20, 2010 at 7:57 PM

it works

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