Solty Rei (DVD)

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[blabla] I'm terribly sory to don't post full details of each episode and picture, but it's really a pain do edit posts like the previous one with the blogger edit box (ridiculously tiny, got bugs, buttons disappears, format not properly displayed, preview doesn't display the real render...etc).

Well, i guess you don't care about how hard to give you all this :p [/blabla]

Details :
-title : Solty Rei / ソルティレイ
-genre : Action, drama, Sci-fi
-year : 2005 - 2006
-format : 26 episodes (~24 min)

Synopsis :
In a future-based disaster-ridden city with an enormous gap between the rich and the poor, it is hard to tell which humans are walking around with cybernetic body parts. This makes Roy Revant's job as a renegade bounty hunter/bodyguard-for-hire even more difficult. When a young girl with unbeliveable strength rescues him from a particularly dangerous criminal, Roy realizes that perhaps help can be found in the strangest of places. Joining together with a few others, they engage in a battle to find out the truth behind the giant conglomerates that are supposedly serving mankind and making life better.

Solty, an android who has lost her memory, has escaped and is being hunted by the RUC Security Bureau. She encounters the bounty hunter Roy and he adopts her as his daughter after being hired as a bodygaurd for Miranda.
Source : MyAnimeList

Main characters :
Roy Revant
Miranda Maverick
Kasha Maverick
Rose Anderson

File's infos :
-container : Matroska (what else ?)
-video : 720x480 (display 845x480) x264 29.67fps
-audio : AAC Stereo @48khz
-subs : ASSA english - "Arigatou"
-size : ~237 MB

Downloads :
Ep01 : The Town Where The Aurora Falls
Ep02 : A New Morning
Ep03 : The Girl in Blue
Ep04 : Friend
Ep05 : Waterside Panic
Ep06 : Favourite Daughter
Ep07 : Koakuma's Visit
Ep08 : Revenge
Ep09 : The Young Ladies Holiday
Ep10 : Treasure & Rescue
Ep11 : Birthday Game
Ep12 : Beyond The Conclusion - Tears-
Ep13 : Result of a Decision - Tears-
Ep14 : Distance
Ep15 : A Safe Heaven
Ep16 : I Was Half Kidding
Ep17 : Lady
Ep18 : Welcome Home
Ep19 : The Cast is Assembled
Ep20 : Visiting Catastrophe
Ep21 : The Time of Thruth
Ep22 : Escape, Our Wish
Ep23 : Final Message
Ep24 : After This
Ep25 : Opportunities Missed
Ep26 (end) : Love Shared

I hope you'll enjoy this show, i knew it by name from a while, but never got it. Sometimes ago i fell on it by luck :p

see you soon leechers-tachi !! :3

[ZaMpa] (yeah me again, and again, and again, and again... with a spoon xD)

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