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Posted By ZaMpa

I think you guys got surprised to find a MediaFire webpage saying that the file you requested is not available.
I paid a bronze account to host / manage files over 200MB with unlimited durability, storage...etc
But it's limited to 100 GB of direct link. I though that when this limit is reached, it'd redirect all downloads to their classic download webpage (no code, no wait), but it seems that they are too stupid and block all downloads.

I opened a support ticket to see if they can remove the direct link (then redirect to downloads webpage) and then "bypass" the downloads limit. I don't hope too much, since everything is automated with account properties and group policy, they'll not bother to do individual settings.

Well, tomorrow or the day after, all will return to normal (bandwith reloaded :p)
Next month, i'll see if i need to upgrade my account (70$/year => 140.. =>)

I'm terribly sorry about the inconvenients caused.


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ZaMpa | April 23, 2010 at 7:18 PM

MediaFire support told me to create an other account (free) to store & share files smaller then 200MB and then only bigger files would count in the bandwith of the MediaPro account.

The problem is : i don't have files smaller than 200MB to store xD

As a result :
1. Keep the same account and buy bandwith "boost" when it needs.
2. Upgrade the account to "Silver"(15$/month = 250GB) or Gold (50$/month = 1000GB | too expensive i think)
3. Host somewhere else.

If you wonder why i'm narrowminded about MediaFire, know that :
- no wait (even on free accounts)
- no code (free accounts to)
- no ads (even with free, there is just a button to click to start download)
- unlimited store space
- unlimited downloads speed
- direct download (MediaPro)
- files durability (unlimited as long as you just login to the website 1 time every 30 days, free accounts to)

If you know a better hoster... call me ^^.

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