Bleach 206

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Bleach 206

The pendulum of time swings back 110 years to reveal secrets that need to be shown before time can advance again. In the Soul Society, the then-fifth division captain, Hirako Shinji, is approached by then-fifth division lieutenant, Aizen Sosuke, about preparations for the new captain of 12th division. Yoruichi Shihoin and Kisuke Urahara are sparring in their private training area until Yoruichi tells him that she has recommended him for the position of 12th Division Captain. Soi Fon, immediately distrusting Urahara because of what she has seen of his person and his dwelling, follows him around town in order to prove to Yoruichi that he is not worth being chosen for that responsibility. Yoruichi, however, after seeing Soi Fon's proof on paper, disregards it as a love letter. It turns out that Urahara and a group of Shinigami were tailing a group of deserters who had abandoned the Seireitei of their own admonition and sent to stop them. After they are taken care of, Urahara passes the qualification exam and shows up, albeit last and late, to the captain's meeting.

Download: Bleach 206 - "The Past Chapter Begins! The Truth from 110 Years Ago"


Subbed by dattebayo, this is the repack done by the guys over at animebento, so this should play better for the people with bad computers, like me...

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