Admins gone Insane \(^-^)/

Posted By Red Dragon
Ok, so.. Its official, Anime drift admins have gone insane and are demanding a break.
We dont know how long ... all we know is you should not expect any uploads from us.
In the time that we go insane we will be working on the forum and hopefully a new layout, Goodluck Cheat. Also if you want to watch new releases of bleach and naruto I suggest you check our affiliate : Bleached anime. Other then that .. just keep on checking back for out of nowhere we might stop our break and upload a shitload >_> Yes, that means even though we are going on a break we will still be uploading animes for you guys.. you just wont see it right away ^_^
so.. Peace.. And check shoutbox...

admins: Red Dragon, The Cheat.

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