To Heart 2 OVA

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A collection of stories involving the girls of To Heart 2, with each episode focusing on a different character:

Episode 1: Ilfa, the first humanoid robot completed by Sango-chan, needs some practical experience with humans and therefore performs a training at the Kosaka place - working for Yuusuke (a camera freak and peeping-tom with a maid fetish) and his strict onee-san Tamaki.

Episode 2: When Tataaki, Yuusuke and all the girls go for a day at the beach Takaaki invites Komaki Ikuno (Manaka's sickly younger sister) to tag along. As the girl suspects Takaaki to be Manaka's boyfriend she hesitatingly accepts, intending to act as guardian for her precious sister.

Episode 3: Takaaki and shy female class-rep Kusugawa Sasara have worked out plans for the school festival but school president Marianne, Kusugawa's only friend, rewrites these plans at the festival's eve, adding lots of weird "libido" elements.

To Heart 2 ova - 01
To Heart 2 ova - 02
To Heart 2 ova - 03

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