Media Staff Required

Posted By Red Dragon
Well so far there has been me and Cheat who have been uploading media. Our plan is to grow with even more content then what we have now. To get that we need some people that are willing to upload for us for free. What do I gain by uploading? well a uploader status on the forum.. thats about it ... We need people who do it because they want to. Not people who want to gain something stupid like power... Im more then enough for that. The Positions availeble are:

Anime uploader
Anime movies uploader
Ova uploader
Anime Soundtracks (ost) uploader
Drama uploader

You can apply for any of these. To become a uploader mail me on in the mail type as subject "uploader" and clarify for what you want to upload. You will also have to mail me your msn or yahoo. If possible post a link to sites you worked for. Thats about it.



Just stop to make this poor girl cry and pat her !
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