Weekly Premium Update.

Posted By The Cheat
Well this one is big but later on they will be only about 2 series a week but because this is just initial population of the server i think this is a good start.

Most of this weeks additions were added already but Im just announcing it now for people to see.

-SZS Character songs
-SZS OP ED single
-ZSZS Sound track
-ZSZS OP ED single
-Nodame JDrama
-Gokusen JDrama
-Hard Gay
-Code Geass season 1
-Heavenly Sword
-Black Blood Brothers
-Wangan Midnight
-sayonara zetsubou sensei

and of course all files can be found at http://anime-drift.renegadearmy.net/downloads
and to get passwords you need to become a VIP on out forums! Just click VIP or go here: http://anime-drift.renegadearmy.net/viewforum.php?f=23

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